Friday, January 24, 2014

About Creative Life

What's stopping you from living a creative life?

How can you live a full and creative life when the world has a habit of throwing tricky obstacles in your path? Without a creative way of dealing with worry, anxiety, depression, grief, illness, adversity, relationship problems, addictions, phobias —  you can be left feeling drained, overburdened and uninspired.

While we long for an idyllic worry-free time when all our problems will be over, our challenge is to find ways of working with them in the present.

Creative Life Counselling offers tools and techniques for transforming obstacles into building blocks designed to support the process of realising your full creative potential.

 Choose a creative life now!

Whether you have aspirations for becoming a creative artist or simply working creatively with life issues, we offer a range of creative methods for working with your problems. It may simply be a case of writer's block or you may need to deal with more deep seated issues; perhaps a chronic illness or mental condition has dogged you all your life and prevented you from doing what you really want to do.

The brilliant thing about Creative Life methods, is in offering an alternative to therapising our problems, they show us how we can use our difficulties to create a positive life narrative. Everything that has happened to you in your life to date has created the person you are today. Creative Life shows you how to use the lessons and stories of the past to create a vibrant now and a creative future.

Your Creative Life Counsellor

Jan Cornall has over 30 years experience in the creative arts industry as a writer, performer, teacher and mentor. With a diploma of Homeopathic Medicine, a Master’s Degree in Cultural and Creative Practice, additional studies in in Process Oriented Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism, Jan is doubly qualified to help you live a full and creative life.

As a practicing homeopath in the 90s, Jan helped many people deal with problems of depression, addiction, physical illness, epilepsy and phobias. As a long time practitioner and student of Tibetan Buddhism, Jan brings a mindful sensibility to the work she does with clients wishing to find solutions to current difficulties or heal problems of the past.

For the past decade Jan has turned her attention to mentoring writers and artists in Australia and the Asia Pacific region helping them publish and realise their artistic goals. Her committment to personal transformation through art, while not the focus of this work, informs her approach and has much to do with the success of her students in realising their creative dreams.

Creative Life Methods

Drawing on techniques of narrative therapy, homeopathic counselling, mindfulness training, visualisation, guided meditation, dream work, creative journaling, sandplay, life mapping and creativity techniques, Jan offers the most suitable method for working with the issue at hand.

Together as you gather clues and observances of the past and bring them into the clear focus of the present, Jan will introduce you to the tools you need to create a bright new future.

Jan prefers to work with clients for a minimum of three sessions and is happy to offer ongoing support. Receive a discount on three session or six session packages.

One session: $100.
Three sessions: $285
Six sessions: $550
Available also on Skype.

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